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Kieran Tyrrell


Getting a tattoo is about conviction. Finding a tattooist who not only understands this, but is brilliant at what they do is golden…then why not see Award-winning tattooist Kieran Tyrrell at DISCIPLES OF INK in the bustling regional Victorian town of Bacchus Marsh.


Kieran has long established roots to craft and culture. Importantly, he understands why personal art makes us shine, inside ourselves and on our sleeves. Or thighs, or calves. Maybe a lip or an ankle. Wherever you need to signify. 

It’s your body and your understanding of what you want to express on your skin. Kieran has breathed and excelled on the tattoo arena, navigating all the permeations and trends to become the accomplished artist he is. Disciples of Ink is Kieran’s sole operated business.

A respected artist within the Australian Tattoo Artist Community having accelerated his career as a Tattoo Artist, his accolades over the past decade have proven his persistence, development and knowledge within the craft, and awarded positions as Secretary and Victoria Representative for the Australian Tattooist Guild.


Disciples of Ink is situated in the heart of the Bacchus Marsh, 45 Minutes from Melbourne’s CBD,
at 154 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh Victoria. 

Contact Kieran

p. 0403 862 593


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